Welcome to Porsche Club Indonesia

Porsche Club Indonesia (PCI) was inaugurated on 26th February 2011. It is an independent club consisting of exclusive Porsche owners who shared the same common interests, values, passions, and visions that is “PORSCHE”. Boards of Porsche Club Indonesia Committees were formed as a way of representing their high level of personal support and commitment to the club and contribution to the brand and the spirit of Porsche as a whole; moreover uniting and solidifying Porsche owner in Indonesia. On 26th February 2011, Porsche Club Indonesia (PCI) was officially inaugurated. Porsche owners, families, friends, colleagues of Porsche Club Indonesia and Porsche Centre Jakarta were invited to be present to commemorate Porsche Club Indonesia’s inauguration. More than 30 Porsche cars were seen parked at Sultan Hotel Sudirman, before heading to Imbiss Stube (a famous German restaurant in Jakarta) at Cilandak Town Square where the Porsche Club Indonesia 2011 Inauguration was held. The inauguration of Porsche Club in Indonesia, did add up total lists of Porsche club worldwide. Porsche Club was first established in 1952, Germany. Currently there are total of 620 registered authorized Porsche Club all scattered all around the world with estimated total of 180,000 Porsche members.