Message from the President of Porsche Club Indonesia

Dear Porsche Club Member,


It is a new year and may I take this opportunity on behalf of the Porsche Committee to wish all of you a healthy, prosperous exciting 2014. May we all enjoy our beloved Porsche more.

As you may know our calendar of events year closes in February and our new year start in March. I believe that 2013 was an exciting year full of events that should have given each and everyone the opportunity to share his passion for the club. Track days were the favorite of our monthly events, but I believe our Bali Tour event and our Porsche Sport Driving School weekend were the stand out highlights of the 2013.

As you know the club is run as an organization, which is dependent for yearly dues as well as sponsors to cover our events. In our 3 years of existence the club we want to continue to hold quality events, which require an increase in fees. It is true that our fees do not cover all expenses for all events and that member must still pay for some higher cost events, but the annual fees will help reduce the cost for each member at each event.

As the club has also increased greatly in size we want to make many improvements in terms of our online social media so we can increase our recognition as one of the greatest and most active car clubs in the country.

I therefore would like to announce that the 2014 annual fee from March to 2014 to February 2015 will be Rp.5,000,000. I hope that all of you will continue to be PCI members in 2014/15 and will participate in as many events as possible.


Thank you and regards from all of us at the committee.


Albert Maknawi
Porsche Club Indonesia


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